Types of shops

department store – a kind of shop that sells many different products in different departments.

supermarket – a larger shop that sells mainly foods and household products.

shopping center / shopping mall – large complex containing different stores and often restaurants, as well as cinemas and even sports centers.

grocer (UK) / grocery store (US) – a small shop that mostly sells foods and drinks.

greengrocer – the place where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

butcher – this is where you get fresh meat.

baker – a place where you get bakery products such as bread.

fishmonger – here you can get fresh fish such as salmon.

chemist (UK) / drugstore (US) / pharmacy (US) – the shop which sells medicines and related items.

newsagent – here you can get buy your newspapers and magazines.

stationer – here you buy paper products for school or work.

optician – the place where they examine your eyes and sell you glasses or contact lenses.

DIY store – the shop where you can get products to improve your home or make things.

hardware shop / hardware store / ironmonger – here you buy hammers, nails etc.

corner shop (UK) – a shop where you typically buy everyday products, including foods, drinks or even magazines.

bookshop / bookstore – this is where you get books.

market – this is the place where you can normally buy things straight from the producer, mostly fruit and vegetables.

petshop – here you can purchase pets or pet food.

flea market – a place where you can buy or sell old things.

petrol station (UK) / gas station (US) – a place where you buy petrol, car products, foods, drinks, and at bigger stations you even get accomodation.

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