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Why Should We All Drink Green Tea?

1. Green tea has been considered a miraculous drink all over the globe.

2. It can reduce the risk of cancer among both men and women.

3. It protects the heart against heart disease and helps prevent heart attacks.

4. It is a godsend for your joints, so you may forget about pain and imflammation.

5. It does wonders to your brain health: it improves your memory, concentration and alertness.

6. As opposed to energy drinks and coffee, the caffeine in green tea keeps you fresh for longer without side effects.

7. It can help you drink less coffee, and your heart will be grateful for that.

8. It doesn't let your body build stress hormones you can treat anxiety and depression by drinking three cups of green tea a day.

9. It keeps you energized, motivated and productive even when everyone else is down around you.

But Still Be Careful:

1. It contains caffeine, so maybe you shouldn't drink gree tea after 5 pm.

2. It keeps you so young that people will think you should be at school instead of work.

3. You will never get sick any more so you may have to substitute for your ill colleagues at work :)

Vocabulary Szókincs
Consider Valamit vélni valaminek
Miraculous Csodatevő (melléknév)
All over the globe Az egész világon
Cancer Rák
Heart disease Szívbetegség
Prevent heart attacks Szívrohamot megelőzni
Godsend Isteni ajándék
Joints Ízületek
Inflammation Gyulladás
Brain health Agyi egészség
Improve Javít
Alertness Éberség
As opposed to Valamivel ellentétben
Caffeine Koffein
Side effects Mellékhatások
Grateful Hálás
Treat Anxiety Kezelni a szorongást
Energized, motivated and productive Energiával teli, motivált és termékeny
To be down Lehangoltnak lenni
Substitute for somebody Helyettesíteni valakit

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