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10 Totally Wrong Sentences

1. There is an airplane in the pool.

2. There is some milk in my pocket.

3. There is a cat, a motorbike and a fish tank in the fridge.

4. There are five books in the soup.

5. There are some bears in my bed.

6. There is a monkey in the mirror.

7. There is a horse in my living room.

8. There is some electricity in my sandwich.

9. There is an armchair, a telephone and a postman in the vacuum cleaner.

10. There are ten cows in the attic.

Vocabulary Szókincs
pool medence
pocket zseb
fish tank akvárium
soup leves
mirror tükör
living room nappali
vacuum cleaner porszívó
attic tetőtér / padlás
scooter roller
drawer fiók

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