The most common English linking words - a legygakoribb kötőszavak

In this list you are going to see the most common English linking words. Not only are they important for your grammar knowledge, but you also need them in writing. This is only the beginning of the story, more advanced lists are going to follow soon!

Things on the same level (azonos szinten lévő dolgok)

And: We thought he was tired, and he felt it too.

Giving examples (példák említésére használható kötőszavak)

For instance: I often eat vegetables for dinner, for instance tomatoes. / I like books. For instance, my favourite is Lord of the Rings.

For example: I like travelling abroad, for example to Asia. / I don't hate all my subjects. For example I really like maths.

Especially: I think New York is great, especially the buildings are fantastic.

In particular: We like many films, in particular The Godfather.

Showing contrast (ellentétek kifejezése)

To show contrast you can use the following conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs: but, however, otherwise, in contrast, on the other hand.

But: I arrived home home on time, but my parents were angry.

However: I did my best in the exam, however I failed again. / We told him to stay at home. However, his wasn't in his room.

By contrast: Their class is getting the worst grades. By contrast, we pass everything with flying remarks.

On the other hand: My colleagues get a raise every three months. I, on the other hand, work overtime and get nothing.

Otherwise: Please train five times a week. Otherwise, you may not win the competition!

Further linking words to show contrast (további ellentéteket kifejező kötőszavak)

Yet: She went to bed pretty early. Yet, she overslept the next morning.

Even though: Even though I expected a boring concert, the band was amazing.

Nevertheless: We seemed to be lagging behind, nevertheless, we won the competition!

Although: Although I am 28, I feel like a teenager when I see a kangaroo.

Despite (soha nem követi alany+állítmány): Despite his injured ankle, he scored three goals.

Despite the fact that (itt szükséges alany+állítmány utána): Despite the fact that they were opponents, they were close friends.

In spite of: (használata megegyezik a despite használatával) In spite of his weight problems, he easily came second!

Showing similarity (hasonlóság kifejezése)

In the same way: My boss expects me to work hard. In the same way, I expect him to support my efforts.

Similarly: Poor children find it hard to cope with school. Similarly, disabled kids face problems as well.

Likewise: Make sure the tables are clean, and likewise check the plates.

Showing results (eredmények, következmények kifejezése)

So: I work hard so I got promoted.

Therefore: He spent all his money, therefore he had to sell his car.

As a result: It wasn't raining that night, and as a result we went for a night-swim.

Consequently: Jake told me everything about his job. Consequently, I think he's a very tough guy.

Thus: Sheila bought a flat, thus she invited us to celebrate.