Arrange your free time to be successful - Szervezd úgy a szabadidődet, hogy sikeres legyél

Here are a few leisure time activities that you can do to be more successful.

1. Sports

- I do sports because they help me keep physically and mentally fit.

- I do team sports, because they teach me how to work in teams

- I do individual sports because they help me forget about my problems

- I can build muscle, burn calories, reduce stress and boost self-confidence

2. Reading

- I love reading because it gives me a better understanding of the world

- I can identify with the characters in books, so I can get away from real life for a while

- I can help me build vocabulary, improve my speaking and writing skills, and it makes me a better conversationalist

- This is one of the best evening activities, as it helps me fall asleep very fast

3. Education

- I like taking classes at language school for instance, because I can learn very useful things

- The new skills I learn gives me better chances for a successful future

4. Volunteering

- I often do volunteer work because I can help people around me

- I volunteer at animal shelters and I help clean up forests and rivers

- I feels good to help, I feel a lot better about myself

5. Networking

- I like getting into situations where I can talk to new people

- Getting into conversations with strangers can open great business opportunities

- When you talk to random people at a bar, it gets you out of your comfort zone, which is always good

6. Hobbies

- I have a few hobbies, for example I like playing music

- I can play the drums and the guitar and I also play in a band

- I destroys stress and this is something I can be very excited about

7. Spending time with friends and family

- I have to work / study a lot, but I never forget about my family

- Friends are also very important, as they are the ones you can always rely on

- I can discuss my problems with and help them, and they are always there to have fun with