What was the matter with you when you were ill last time?

The last time I was ill was two years ago. I had the flu, which is a horrible illness.
Let me tell you about how it started. First I got a massive headache which was getting stronger as the time went by.
I felt very weak and I had no energy. I had a runny nose, a very high temperature and I was shivering. I had a very bad cough and I had a sore throat. I had no appetite and all my muscles were aching. When I started feeling dizzy I decided to go to the doctor/GP. 

The doctor examined me very carefully.  He checked my throat, he listened to my heart and my lungs and he also checked my blood pressure. He diagnosed me with the flu, and he prescribed antibiotics. He told me to take this medicine three times a day during meals. He also told me to stay in bed for a week. He also advised me to eat and drink plenty of light food and water. I had to air my room every two hours. I was ordered to take lots of vitamin C and drink hot tea with honey. I stuck to the doctor’s advice and I recovered in a week.

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