My most memorable holiday

 Érdemes a nyaralás alapinformációit megadni. Kikkel mentem, hogyan esett erre a helyre a választás, hogyan utaztunk, milyen volt az út, és hogyan töltöttük. Nem érdemes szűkölködni a szavakkal, minél több részletet árulunk el, annál jobb benyomást teszünk. Természetesen egyszerű múlt igeidőben érdemes elmesélni az egész történetet.

I would like to speak about the most memorable holiday of my life. Last year me and my class travelled to Italy and we stayed there for a week. Just for your information, this is a tradition at my school that 12th graders take a trip to Italy. We travelled by bus, we decided to set off at midnight and it took more than 12 hours to get there, and the journey was terrible. We stopped very rarely at gas stations and each stop lasted for at least an hour. However, we had a very good time on the bus, we were watching films, listening to music and sometimes we even sang a few songs just to kill time. We didn’t sleep a second and we were talking all the way and the bus driver was very annoyed by this.

A következőkben érdemes kitérni a nyaralás során átélt élményekre. Az érkezés pillanatai, a szállás, a lakótársak, szabadidős tevékenységek, kötött programok, a látott városok, látványosságok és az időjárás mind nagyon fontosak, nem érdemes kihagyni őket!

We crossed Slovenia on the way there, which was breathtaking because we got to see huge mountains and we could eat traditional Slovenian foods at a petrol station. Finally we arrived at around noon at a place called Cavallino, which is a seaside place and it is also very famous for its marketplace. We occupied the accommodation which was in caravans. Four of us stayed in one caravan and we had lots of fun there. On the first day we went down to the beach, and although the weather was cold, we still had a good swim in the sea, and one of my friends took a lot of photos. Next morning we went to a marketplace and I bought a very good quality t-shirt, and in the afternoon we spent our time by the sea again. On day three we went to Venice, which is a fascinating town full of history and beautiful buildings. We argued a lot but finally we decided to take a gondola-ride with my friends and it was amazing. On the remaining days we headed for Padova which is also a great city. We also visited Verona and Sirmione, and took a stunning boat-ride on Lake Garda. When we didn’t travel, we were hanging out by the sea, and at night we had very good conversations.

Nélkülözhetetlen az ott megismert emberek bemutatása, és a gasztronómiai élmények sem maradhatnak ki!

The food and the people are just awesome in Italy. Everybody is very kind, and the pizzas and pastas are definitely something you shouldn’t miss.

Végezetül összegezzük, milyen érzésekkel is töltött el minket az ott töltött idő. Beszéljük az összepakolásról, a hazaútról, és zárjuk a témát egy jövőre néző összegzéssel.

We were very sad when the last day came but we were also happy because we knew that this would be a memory for a lifetime. We packed our luggage and set off for home. The journey was even more tiring than the way there, and everybody was really exhausted. When I got home, I slept until noon, and woke up wanting to turn back time and start the whole vacation over.