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Present perfect simple / Present perfect continuous / Past simple TEST

Put the verbs in brackets into their correct form.

1. We (wait) for 10 hours, it's getting very upsetting.
2. Sheila (buy) a car yesterday.
3. Jake (read) 30 pages so far, so he is pretty slow.
4. I feel very exhausted, I (work) all day.
5. My friend (just / tell) me she is pregnant.
6. I (talk) to a girl for the past few weeks, and we share a lot in common.
7. What happened to the window? My friend (break) it.
8. I (receive) a letter from my uncle, and it made me laugh.
9. I (learn) French since I (start) school.
10. Joe (study) very hard, so he will pass the exam.