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Why is it useful to speak foreign languages?

1. You can only get a well-paid job if you're fluent in at least one foreign language.

2. You can boost your brain and improve your memory.

3. You can make new friends regardless of their nationality.

4. In Hungary you get extra points and better chances to get into universities.

5. You also need at least one B2 level language certificate to receive your degree.

6. You can ask locals for ideas and directions if you're on foreign holidays.

7. You can also help out tourists when they can't find their way around in your town.

8. Books and movies are light-years better in their original language.

9. You don't have to wait until your favourite series get translated into your language.

10. You can relocate to another country to experience its culture and make more money at the same time.

Vocabulary Szókincs
Well-paid job Jól fizető állás
Regardless of Valamire való tekintet nélkül
Language certificate Nyelvvizsga
Degree Diploma
Ask locals Helyieket megkérdezni
Ideas and directions Ötletek és útvonalak
Can't find their way around Nem tudják, merre kell menniük
Light-years better Fényévekkel jobb
Be/Get translated into Valamilyen nyelvre lefordítják
Relocate to Elköltözni valahova

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