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Catching the Flu

1. I am feeling sick to the core and I have a terrible headache.

2. I have totally lost my appetite and I feel so weak I can't even sit.

3. I have a sore throat and a runny nose.

4. I cough and sneeze around the clock.

5. I have a temperature and I shiver all the time so I decide to see the doctor.

6. The GP listens to my lungs and checks my throat.

7. He diagnoses me with the flu and prescribes antibiotics.

8. I stay in bed for a couple of days and stick to the doctor's advice.

9. I drink loads of warm tea, take vitamin pills and eat some light food.

10. I air the room every two hours and hopefully I recover in a week.

Vocabulary Szókincs
To the core Iszonyatosan
Terrible headache Szörnyű fejfájás
Lose my appetite Elvesztem az étvágyamat
Sore throat Fájó torok
Runny nose Folyó orr
Cough and sneeze Köhögni és tüsszögni
Around the clock Állandóan
Temperature Láz / hőemelkedés
Shiver Reszketni
GP (General Practitioner) Háziorvos (brit)
Diagnose with Diagnosztizálni valamivel
Prescribe Antibiotics Antibiotikumot felírni
Stick to the doctor's advice Követni az orvos tanácsát
Air the room Szellőztetni
Recover Meggyógyulni

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