1848-as forradalomról angolul

The Timeline of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848

23 February

The French people started a revolution in Paris which resulted in the end of the country's monarchy and created the French Second Republic.

13 March

Another revolution broke out in Vienna, Austria. As a result, the emperor announced freedom of the press and work began on the country's constitution.

15 March

When they found out about what had happened in Vienna, a group of young people gathered at Café Pilvax in Pest and decided it was time to act.

They visited the city's universities to recruit more activists and soon they formed a crowd.

They proceeded to Landerer's printing house and occupied a printing press to be able to print Petőfi's "National Song" and the famous 12 Points of the Revolutionaries.

The giant crowd marched to the National Museum where they announced their points and Petőfi gave a fiery performance of his brand new poem.

The next location was the Pest Town Hall where they had the 12 points accepted, then they went all the way to Buda where they freed political prisoners.

In the evening the National Theater put on Bánk Bán, which received standing ovation.

17 March

The first democratic government was formed and Lajos Batthyány was nominated as the country's first prime minister.

Vocabulary Szókincs
Revolution Forradalom
Result in Az lett az eredménye, hogy
Second Republic Második Köztársaság
Break Out Kitör
Emperor Császár
Announce Bejelenteni
Freedom of Press Sajtószabadság
Constitution Alkotmány
Find out about something Megtudni valamit
Gather Összegyűlni
Time to act Ideje cselekedni
Recruit Toborozni
Form a crowd Tömeggé gyarapodni
Proceed to Továbbhaladni valahova
Printing House Nyomda
Occupy Elfoglalni
Printing Press Nyomdagép
To march Menetelni
Give a fiery performance Tüzesen előadni
Location Helyszín
Town Hall Városháza
To free Political Prisoners Politikai foglyokat kiszabadítani
Put on (a performance) Műsorra tűzni
Receive Standing Ovation Álló ovációt kapni
Form a government Kormányt alakítani
Nominate somebody as something Valakit kinevezni valaminek
Prime Minister Miniszterelnök

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