How can we protect the environment?

- It is very important to look after the environment, because we are the only capable of protecting it.

- I try to use less electricity as we can cut down on carbon dioxide emission this way.

- I always unplug / disconnect the charger when I’m not charging my mobile phone so I reduce the electricity bill.

- I try to use less washing up liquid, because it pollutes our water resources.

- I always have a quick shower, because that helps us save the water.

- I always turn off the tap while I’m brushing my teeth.

- I never have the lights on when I’m not in my room. I switch it off the second I leave.

- I never drop rubbish/garbage/trash/litter in the streets because it pollutes the environment.

- I try to use public transport (buses, trains, the underground/subway/the tube/metro, trams and trolleys) because that is more environmentally-friendly, and we can also reduce the number of traffic jams this way. I also like cycling and walking.

- We should collect the rubbish selectively and recycle as much garbage as possible.

- I use less aerosols because they pollute the air and damage the ozone layer.

look after gondoskodni
capable of + ING képes valamire
less electricity kevesebb áram
cut down on csökkenteni
carbon dioxide emission széndioxid kibocsátás
unplug / disconnect the charger kihúzni a töltőt
reduce the electricity bill csökkenteni a villanyszámlát
washing-up liquid mosószer
pollute szennyezni
water resources vízkészlet
have a quick shower gyorsan lezuhanyozni
turn off the tap elzárni a csapot
rubbish / garbage
trash / litter
public transport tömegközlekedés
underground / subway / tube / metro metro / földalatti
tram villamos
environmentally-friendly környezetbarát
collect rubbish selectively szelektíven gyűjteni a szemetet
aerosols hajtógázas termékek
damage the ozone layer károsítani az ózonréteget

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