Érettségis feladat angolból - középszint

In the following interview with Chef Don Zajac the questions have been removed. Your task is to read the text and match the questions with the answers. There is one extra question that you do not need. Write the letters in the white boxes.

Yes, coming from a Polish family with a history of being in the business, it was natural to prepare meals.

Passion and desire. When I was growing up, my folks always wanted me to be happy at what I did for a living. "You'll work for the remainder of your life, so be happy with what you choose."

I had a passion for what I wanted so the learning came very easy. I went to Joliet Junior College, which had a Culinary Arts Program. The school was pretty tough.

Know your limitations and build your skills slowly. Quality, passion and love must go into everything you do.

A K-5 Kitchen Aid, which is a 5-quart mixer. This piece of equipment is very convenient and valuable.

Never skimp on quality ingredients. Cook with what you drink. Never be afraid to ask questions.

Well it really wasn't funny then, but one time a cook was lighting a pilot light and threw the lit piece of paper he was using to light the stove in the garbage can. The can caught fire in the middle of dinner.

I love to use Pacific Sable when preparing a fish course. It has wonderful characteristics and is always pleasing.

Two books: one is Paul Bocuse's French Cooking, the other is Patés and Terrines.

Thanks for the interview, Chef Don.

A What's the funniest kitchen incident you can remember?
B What's your favorite gadget?
C What's your favorite food to cook with?
D Do you often cook Polish food?
E What made you decide you would become a professional cook?
F What's your best cooking tip for a beginner?
G What's your favorite cookbook?
H What's the best piece of advice you would give a home enthusiast?
I Where were you trained and how difficult was your training?
J Chef, did you cook when you were growing up?

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