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10 Household Chores for Cooking

1. I do the cooking every other day.

2. I have to prepare all the ingredients.

3. I have to follow the instructions or else the meals will taste bad or get burnt.

4. I have to set the table for the whole family or company.

5. I have to clean the kitchen surfaces every time I cook.

6. I have to do the washing-up / do the dishes every day.

7. If there are too many dirty dishes, I use a dishwasher.

8. When all the plates and cutlery are clean, I put them back to their good old place.

9. I start thinking about what to cook next.

10. I daydream that someone will do it instead of me.

Vocabulary Szókincs
Prepare the ingredients Elkészíteni a hozzávalókat
Follow the instructions Követni az utasításokat
Taste bad Rossz íze lesz
Get burnt Odaég
Set the table Megteríteni
Company Társaság
Kitchen surfaces Konyhai Felületek
Do the washing-up Elmosogatni
Do the dishes Elmosni az edényeket
Dirty dishes Piszkos edények
Dishwasher Mosogatógép
Cutlery Evőeszközök
Good old place Jól megszokott hely
To daydream Álmodozni
Instead of me Helyettem

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