Hasznos kifejezések angolul - tíz mondat, pár perc és érezhető fejlődés

How do you make the law of attraction work?

1. You have to see clearly what you keep thinking about - what you think about you bring about.

2. Identify your worries - find a way to do away with them

3. When something makes you nervous, inhale through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth

4. Successful people meditate on a daily a basis - it quiets down your thoughts.

5. You can get rid of anxiety by doing sports regularly.

6. Write down things you are grateful for - when you think you have nothing, you realize you have everything.

7. State your goals and break them down into small achievable steps.

8. Visualize what your life will be like when you have reached your goals.

9. Do something to feel like you have what you desire - walk around that house, sit into that car or look for hotels in that city.

Vocabulary Szókincs
What you think about, you bring about Amire gondolsz, azt előidézed
Identify worries Azonosítani az aggodalmakat
Do away with Megszüntetni
Inhale Belélegezni
Exhale Kilélegezni
On a daily basis Naponta
Quiet down Elcsendesíteni
Get rid of anxiety Megszabadulni a szorongástól
Be grateful for something Hálásnak lenni valamiért
State Megállapítani
Break something down into Kisebb részekre bontani
Achievable Elérhető
Visualize Elképzelni
Reach the goals Elérni a célokat
Desire Vágyakozni

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