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Super size me - listening words and phrases

Ha szeretnéd a videót is megnézni a leckéhez, kattints ide!

Complete the sentences with the suitable words, based on the Super size me listening task. Segítséget is igénybe lehet venni, de az pontot von le, így nem lesz 100%-os az eredmény!

breast, breathe, supervision, overall, pressure, consume, stones, preservatives, cholesterol, midsection, lay, lawsuit

1. Medical is when a doctor keeps an eye on you.
2. A very formal synonym of stomach is .
3. When there is a legal action against someone, we call it a .
4. Chickens a lot of eggs.
5. The most popular part of chickens is their .
6. Companies add to foods to make them last longer.
7. I was working too hard and I started to feel in my chest.
8. When I completed my marathon running, I couldn't .
9. If you don't drink enough daily, you can develop kidney .
10. Make sure you vegetables every morning.
11. Eating a lot of fatty foods may not be good for your level.
12. It is a very good idea to maintain an healthy diet.