Present Perfect Continuous - online teszt

Folyamatos befejezett jelen - Present perfect continuous. Tedd a zárójelben lévő igét a megfelelő alakba! Ha kész, kattints az "Ellenőrzés" gombra az ellenőrzéshez. Segítséget is igénybe lehet venni, de az pontot von le, nem lesz 100%-os a teszted!

1. The tap (leak) for a week. It needs to be replaced.

2. They (study) for the past few hours and they are all tired.

3. My brother (watch) the TV all day and my mother is not very happy.

4. I (sleep) all afternoon and now I am relaxed.

5. Sam and Susan (walk) for a long time.

6. For the past five years we (live) in a small apartment.

7. From the minute she got up this morning she (ask) stupid questions.

8. Joe (write) his book for the last two years without any success.

9. I (train) hard that's why my muscles sore.

10. He (learn) English for five years.