10 things to avoid if you want to lose weight

10 dolgot érdemes figyelembe venni, ha fogyni szeretnél

1. Never skip breakfast - your body goes too hungry without it and that's too risky.

2. Don't eat your meals rapidly - eating less food slowly will also make you feel full.

3. Don't ban certain foods - not letting yourself eat hamburgers will make you want them even more.

4. Stop ordering out and buying takeaway - they are delicious but all they give you is fat.

5. Stay away from alcohol - beverages contain empty calories and make you very hungry.

6. Cut down on junk food - they smell good, they look good and they taste good but you have to pay a price.

7. Steer clear of seemingly innocent snacks - a few sandwiches and a little chocolate is just as bad as a lot of them.

8. You shouldn't eat when you're bored - your mind will tell you to look in the fridge when there's nothing happening.

9. Don't torture yourself with missing dinner - hunger keeps you up at night and your next day is wasted.

10. By no means should you have your meals without drinking water - it fills up your stomach and less food will be enough.

Vocabulary Szókincs
Skip breakfast Kihagyni a reggelit
Rapidly Gyorsan
Ban certain foods Megtiltani bizonyos ételeket
Order out Rendelni ételt
Takeaway Elvitelre vásárolni
Stay away from / steer clear of Távol tartani magad valamitől
Beverages Alkoholos italok
Cut down on Csökkenteni
Seemingly innocent Látszólag ártatlan
Torture yourself Kínozni magad
Hunger Éhezés
Keeps you up at night Ébren tart éjszaka
Wasted Kárba vész
By no means Semmi esetre sem
Stomach Gyomor

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