Foglalkozások angolul teszt - felismered őket?

Melyik a helyes válasz?

1) Our tap is leaking. Let's call Sam, the _______.
a) plumber
b) barber
c) butcher
d) cobbler

2) She works for the newspaper, 'Sun'. She is probably a _____.
a) doctor
b) pilot
c) journalist
d) postman

3) We need some furniture. Let's visit John, our village _____.
a) butcher
b) headman
c) carpenter
d) fisherman

4) She enjoys watching movies. She aspires to be an _____ one day.
a) actor
b) architect
c) actress
d) engineer

5) The ______ had to wait for a long time for the doctor.
a) butcher
b) patients
c) nurses
d) parents

6) My father went to the ______ to buy some flowers.
a) dentist
b) receptionist
c) cashier
d) florist

7) My sister works as a _____ at local court.
a) lawyer
b) teacher
c) cashier
d) engineer

8) My mother is a _____ . She is working at a private school.
a) lawyer
b) engineer
c) teacher
d) employer

9) John's father is a _____ . He protects a very important person.
a) bodyguard
b) watchman
c) engineer
d) teacher

10) Mr Smith is a _____ . He grows vegetables
a) fisherman
b) fireman
c) farmer
d) football player