Individual sports - exercising alone

-the factor which distinguishes individual sports from team sports is that there is no cooperation involved

-if it is a sport done by more than one people, they all do it individually (think of gymnastics teams)

-people do it for themselves and not for a team

-if it is a team individual sport, members are absolutely independent

-you learn to be self-reliant

-you don’t have to depend on teammates, it is only you who is responsible for your achievement

-you can’t count on anybody else to carry you through the competition

-it teaches you to take responsibility for your own decisions and actions

-you can learn how to motivate yourself

-individual sportspeople have a very high endurance

-it gives you intrinsic motivation: the drive and motivation for any activity which you do will come from within

-these sports are often extremely beneficial for your strength and stamina

-you can do it at your own pace

-if you get used to running, swimming or cycling, they help you switch off your mind and break away from reality for a while – you can see your life from afar

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