10 + 1 dolog az egészséges életért

10 + 1 Weight-loss Tricks

1. Cook your own meals because this way you will know what goes into them.

2. Pack your lunch into plastic boxes and bring them to your workplace or school.

3. Buy whole-grain bread and pasta as they support overall good health.

4. Start off your day with some healthy oatmeal - there are countless recipes and you don't get hungry until lunch break.

5. Replace your old snacks with fruit and vegetables - they are just as good to chew on and they do miracles.

6. Prepare meals and ingredients in advance on Sunday - you can save time on weekdays and get equally great food.

7. Put the money you would spend on fast food into a money box - you can save it to do some big shopping at the weekend.

8. Improve your cooking skills - practice makes perfect and you will be able to quickly make healthy meals.

9. Healthy home-cooked meals help you save money - you can spend that on running shoes or gym memberships.

10. Don't just stare at pictures of sporty people - be one of them!

Plus One: Drink two cups of green tea every day - one in the morning and one after lunch will keep you awake and burn your fat.

Vocabulary Szókincs
Plastic Box Műanyag doboz
Whole-grain Teljes kiőrlésű
Overall Good Health Általános jó egészség
Start off Elindítani
Oatmeal Zabkása
Countless recipes Számtalan Recept
Lunch break Ebédszünet
Replace with Lecserélni valamit valamire
Chew on Rágcsálni
Do miracles Csodákat művel
Prepare Előkészíteni
Ingredients Hozzávalók
In advance Előre
Equally Ugyanúgy
Money box Persely
Cooking skills Főzőtudomány
Practice makes perfect Gyakorlat teszi a mestert
Home-cooked Otthon elkészített
Gym membership Konditermi bérlet
Stare at Bámulni valamit

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