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Why is it good to be a reader?

Readers are known to be calm even when there are gathering clouds.

Reading reduces stress levels so you can always control your temper.

Every novel is mental exercise so you can keep your mind active.

You can boost your memory and concentration if you read every day.

You can talk while you read - this is not true about screen-addicts.

Bookworms really know how to solve problems.

Readers are likely to be great conversationalists.

Books don't damage your eyes.

Finishing a book gives you a sense of achievement.

Vocabulary Szókincs
Gathering clouds Sötét fellegek gyülekeznek
Reduce stress levels Csökkenteni a stresszt
Control your temper Higgadtnak maradni
Boost Erősít
Screen-addicts Képernyőfüggők
Bookworm Könyvmoly
Conversationalist Beszélgetőpartner
Damage your eyes Károsítja a szemeidet
Sense of achievement Sikerélmény
Mental exercise Mentális edzés

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