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Read the descriptions of four museums and the statements following them. Your task is to match the statements 1-9 with the descriptions A-D. Write the letters in the white boxes.

A) The Natural History Museum
The skeletons of reptiles are very good, and the new display of T-Rex is excellent. The Insect Room is definitely not for people easily scared by bugs and spiders. The Ecology Gallery, the Mammals Gallery, the Mineral Gallery and the Earth Gallery with a 17-carat diamond and an emerald the size of a lemon just call out to you! At the end you will be presented with "Earth Today and Tomorrow", where you can see what we are doing to this planet. Pollution and the destruction of Mother Earth are shown here. Open: Mon-Sat 10am-5:50pm, Sun 11am-5:50pm. Tel: 0207 942 5000.

B) Theatre Museum
Old photographs, programmes, costumes, letters and cartoons give you a story about the past. It doesn’t take long to see everything here so if you have a few spare minutes, go inside; otherwise stay out and enjoy the weather! Open: Tues-Sun 11am-7pm. Tel: 0207 836 7891.

C) Transport Museum
A museum for enthusiasts, though it is also popular with children. The history of London’s transport is, we suppose, a history of the World’s urban transport as well. Admission fee fairly high considering the size, but the exhibits are crammed into the building. Great shop selling Underground branded goods which make perfect presents. In Covent Garden Piazza. Open 10.00-18.00 daily (11.00-18.00 Fridays). Free admission for children.

D) The Victoria & Albert Museum
A huge museum of culture. What’s fascinating about the British Galleries is the closeness of the objects – lots are there to be touched, – anyone who’s ever bought a sofa, wallpapered a room or chosen curtains will like the displays. There are several rooms with computers, AV displays and book collections. Tours are free, and you can even borrow a lightweight folding chair to take round with you. Kids seem to love the hands-on stuff (e.g.: dressing up in old costumes, building pieces of furniture, designing their own monograms and seeing them put onto cutlery, weaving oriental carpets). Spontaneous concerts in the entrance hall on Sundays. Open 10.00-18.00 daily; on Wednesdays and the last Friday in the month open to 22.00.

1) Tickets to the museum are quite expensive.
2) You can see dinosaurs there.
3) If you only have a short time this is a good place to visit.
4) Visiting the museum is only free for children.
5) On some days the museum is open till very late.
6) You can buy great souvenirs in the museum.
7) The museum cannot be visited on Mondays.
8) At weekends you can listen to music in the museum.
9) The museum offers lots of different activities for children.
10) If you want to learn about environmental problems, you should visit the place.

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