Daily routine on weekdays

I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning but I normally stay in bed for a couple of minutes until I get up. I never wake up before the alarm clock goes off. I go straight to the bathroom and brush my teeth and comb my hair. Then I head for the kitchen and have a nice breakfast. I get dressed and get ready to go to school. I feed my pets and make my bed, because my parents can get angry when I forget about these.

I travel to school on foot/by bicycle/by bus/by train/by car and it takes me XY minutes/hours to get there. Usually I have 7 classes a day and I always pay attention to what the teacher is saying. During the breaks and after school I hang out with my friends and have a little snack to eat. When I finish school for the day, I always try to do some sports and then I arrive home at about 6 pm.

First I get down to my homework and when I’m done I play some video games, read some books or talk to my family. Then the most important part of the evening comes, which is dinner. I chat with my friends on the internet, mostly I use social networking sites to do that. Then I watch a little more TV and I go to bed at around 10 pm. Oh and before I forget! I always try to pack my backpack for the next day, but I keep forgetting it, so I also have to find the time to do that in the morning!

English Hungarian
to wake up felébredni
to get up felkelni
for a couple of minutes pár percig
the alarm clock goes off megszólal az ébresztő
straight to the bathroom egyenesen a fürdőszobába
brush my teeth fogat mosok
comb my hair megfésülködök
head for the kitchen menni a konyhába
get dressed felöltözni
get ready to go készülök elindulni
feed my pets megetetem az állatokat
make my bed beágyazok
go on foot gyalog menni
go by bicycle biciklivel menni
go by bus busszal menni
go by train vonattal menni
go by car autóval menni
it takes me XY minutes / hours valahány percig vagy óráig tart
pay attention to odafigyelni
during the breaks szünetben
hang out with együtt lógni
have a little snack harapni valamit
get down to something nekilátni valaminek
arrive home haza érni
social networking sites közösségi oldal
pack my backpack bepakolni