Ha csak pár perced van ma angolozni, íme egy gyors angol lecke teszttel! Érvek az e-könyvek ellen. Neked mi a véleményed?

What is wrong about having an e-reader?

We have seen why it is beneficial to have an e-book reader, so here's the time to see the downside of it.

1. It lacks the feel of traditional books.

2. You can be frowned upon by traditionalists when you're holding it in your hands.

3. A paper book will survive a fall, an e-reader screen will crack.

4. You can have too many books at your disposal - you may keep starting books without finishing them.

5. Paper books never run out of electricity while ebook-readers do - charging the battery might be problematic.

6. Some devices will present advertisements on their screen which is very unlikely on paper.

7. While it is possible to borrow ebooks from a library, it is only common in a few countries.

8. Many authors fall victim to piracy - it is easy to download books and copy them on your reader.

9. Research has shown that e-readers are less effective in reducing stress.

10. We've got to break away from screens - you had better stick to paper books.

Vocabulary Szókincs
Lack the feel Hiányzik az érzés
Be/get frowned upon Rosszallással találkozni
Traditionalists Hagyománykövetők
Survive a fall Kibír egy esést
Screen will crack Megreped a kijelző
At your disposal Rendelkezésedre áll
Run out of Kifogy
Charge the battery Tölteni az akkumulátort
Devices Eszközök
Present advertisements Reklámokat mutat
Common Elterjedt
Borrow Kölcsönözni
Fall victim to piracy Kalózkodásnak áldozatul esni
Less effective Kevésbé hatékony
Break away from Elszakadni
Stick to Ragaszkodni valamihez

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