Angol múlt idejű igék gyakorlása

Egészítsd ki a mondatokat a zárójelben lévő igék múlt idejű alakjával! Ha kész, kattints az "Ellenőrzés" gombra az ellenőrzéshez. Segítséget is igénybe lehet venni, de az pontot von le, nem lehet a teszted 100 % !

Sam's day
When I (wake) up this morning, I (find) my dog, Fox, waiting for me. He (want) me to take him for a walk. I (be) too hungry, so first I (have) breakfast.I (have) a glass of milk and a piece of toast. Then I (wash) my teeth and (put) on a track-suit and a heavy coat, because it was really cold outside. Fox (be) already impatient. We both (go) out, and (walk) to the park near home. He (run) and ,(jump) and (pursue) some passers-by. He also (destroy) some pieces of furniture somebody left on the road. I (sit) on a bench all the time,wishing I could be inside my warm bed. When my hands (be) frozen, I (decide) it (be) time to go back home. Fox (not want) to, but I (pull) hard. When we (arrive) at the front door, I realized I (not have) my keys with me, so we (stay) out in the cold for more than an hour! Fox (be) happy, but I (be) late for work!