Fossil and renewable energy resources

Space exploration:


  • science can develop because of space exploration, and scientists may find the cure to deadly diseases
  • new energy resources may be discovered, and the environment could be more protected, and our resources could be utilised more efficiently
  • we can get a total understanding of past and present, and make predictions about the future of mankind by travelling into space
  • other planets might be made suitable for human life, so in case of an impendig disaster, humanity might find a new habitat
  • many new jobs can be created by space exploration which normally offer very high salaries
  • mankind may be relocated to other planets if the earth gets too overpopulated


  • many people tend to think this is an utter waste of money, while education, healthcare and infrastrucure has to deal with extreme financial difficulties
  • space exploration costs too much, that money could be spent on 3rd world countries, where people starve to death
  • this money could also be used to develop living conditions of people such as and safety, because people need safety more than knowledge about space
  • space life would only be available to the richest people on earth, so the gap between rich and poor would get even wider
  • the country which establishes the first space settlement may become a superpower, which can threaten less well-to-do nations
develop fejlődni, fejleszteni
cure gyógymód, gyógyítani
utilise efficiently hatékonyan hasznosítani
make predictions megjósolni
mankind emberiség
humanity emberiség
suitable for alkalmas
impending disaster közeledő katasztrófa
habitat élőhely
relocate to átköltözni valahova
utter waste of money teljes pénzpazarlás
extreme financial difficulties komoly pénzügyi nehézségek
starve to death halálra éhezni
living conditions életkörülmények
be available to valaki rendelkezésére áll
gap szakadék
establish létrehozni
space settlement űrtelepülés
superpower szuperhatalom
well-to-do nations tehetős nemzetek