Házak típusai - szókincs angolul - B1 - 2015

Types of residential buildings

  1. A house with a garden is called a detached house.
  2. When two houses are built into one, that is a semi-detached house.
  3. When many houses are built into one in a long row, we call it a terraced house.
  4. In Britain, people say flat, while in the USA they call it an apartment.
  5. A huge building with many flats is called a block of flats.
  6. Very tall buildings with mostly offices are called skyscrapers.
  7. A tiny flat with room combined with a kitchen is called a studio flat.
  8. When the rooms of a house are rented to different people, who have to share the bathroom and the kitchen, they live in a bedsit.
  9. A place where you keep animals and grow vegetables is a cottage.
  10. A large and luxurious seaside place is called a villa.
  11. A large and luxurious non-seaside place is called a mansion.
  12. Orphans live in orphanages.
  13. Retirement homes are built for lonely old people.
  14. University students live on campuses.
  15. Students who come from far away live in dormitories.(dormitory)

Word Szó
detached house kertes ház
semi-detached house ikerház
terraced house sorház
flat / apartment lakás
block of flats tömbház
skyscraper felhőkarcoló
studio flat garzon
bedsit bérelt szoba
cottage tanya
villa tengerparti villa
mansion villa
orphanage árvaház
retirement home öregek otthona
campus egyetemváros
dormitory kollégium