Érettségis olvasási feladat angolból - középszint

Read the following text and the statements following it. Your task is to mark each statement
• A if it says the same as the text,
• B if it says something different from the text,
• C if the text does not give enough information for you to choose A or B.

Question time

There is a growing need to find answers to lots of different types of questions, and thousands of people are ready to pay for instant-reply services.

A company called Any Question Answered (AQA) offers an open-all-hours service, charging £1 for each question and responding to about 80% within five minutes.
At present, the service is answering an average of 8,000 questions per day - with replies written by a team of 500 part-time researchers.

So what makes people want to use this pay-as-you-know service?
The peak time for questions is the evening, around the time people might have had some alcohol. And AQA's chief executive, Colin Myers, says these are usually "male type"inquiries.

"Some people want to tease their friends about what they don't know. Who won a football match? Who scored the most goals?"
"There are other questions which are clearly about settling an argument. Such as 'If a polar bear and a lion had a fight who would win?' Definitely the polar bear.
It can include more specific questions, such as "Who should get the next round of drinks?" And the fact that the questioners get a response from a human being, maybe with some humour added, means that people are using it as a form of instant entertainment, he says.

About a third of questions sent in by customers have already been asked, says Mr. Myers. And although some topics are excluded, such as medical or financial advice, the researchers try to answer whatever is thrown at them.
"What goes well with orange trousers?" Answer: a purple satin shirt.
If a customer thinks the answer is wrong or they think it's unsatisfactory, they can dispute it and ask for their money back.

AQA is a serious business which aims to give instant information to people on the move.
Mr. Myers used to run a computer company and a mobile-phone technology firm. He believes the huge mobile phone market is providing rich opportunities for new services.

1) You get the answer in written form.
2) The service is available 24 hours a day.
3) You must pay £1 for each answer.
4) Everybody gets their answer within five minutes.
5) Most of the questions are asked in the evening.
6) The oldest person who called was eighty years old.
7) Any kind of question is answered.
8) Mr. Myers can speak five languages.

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