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The Pros of an Ebook Reader

1. It is portable so you can carry it everywhere.

2. It is lightweight so even thick books are no problem..

3. You can store even 3000 books on it.

4. It has a built-in dictionary.

5. It uses e-ink so it doesn't damage your eyes.

6. You can purchase or download a book right away.

7. It always knows where you left off so you don't need a bookmark.

8. People never see what you're reading so you get more privacy.

9. It is a great space-saver for your luggage when you travel.

Vocabulary Szókincs
Portable Hordozható
Lightweight Könnyű
To store Tárolni
Built-in dictionary Beépített szótár
E-ink E-tinta
Purchase Vásárolni
Right away Azonnal
Leave off Félbehagyni
Privacy Biztonságérzet
Space-saver Helytakarékos

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