Nemzeti ünnep Magyarországon

One of the official state holidays of Hungary is the 20th day of August.

It is a public holiday. It is also called St. Stephen's Day. St. Stephen was the first king of Hungary. He ruled from 1000 or 1001 until 1038. He was the first Christian ruler in Hungarian history. The day is also known as "the day of the new bread" or the day of the Foundation of Hungary.

People don't work on this day and at night there are fireworks in Budapest and bigger cities. The celebration atrracts many people to the banks of the river Danube.

If you are interested:

Location: Budapest, banks of the river Danube between the bridges: Lánchíd and Szabadság híd.
Time: August 20 - 9:00 - 9:30 PM

Word Szó
official hivatalos
state holiday állami ünnep
public holiday nemzeti ünnep
it is also called nevezik még
was 'BE' létige múltbeli alakja
king király
to rule uralkodni
from -tól / -től
until -ig
Christian keresztény
history történelem
also known as (AKA) más néven
foundation alapítás
fireworks tűzijáték
celebration ünnep(lés)
to attract vonzani
to be interested in érdekel
location helyszín