Szóképzéses online teszt

Egészítsd ki a szöveget a zárójelben lévő szavak megfelelően képzett alakjával! Ha kész, kattints az "Ellenőrzés" gombra az ellenőrzéshez. Segítséget is igénybe lehet venni, de az pontot von le, nem lesz 100%-os a teszted!

1. He passed all his exams with . (easy)

2. Who cooked this soup? It’s awful and completely . (taste).

3. Could you describe your routine? (day)

4. Have you ever met a actor? (fame)

5. My father works as a taxi . (drive)

6. Mosquitoes are sad to be the most animals in the world. (danger)

7. You always have a in your life. (choose)

8. William Shakespeare is one of the most famous of all time. (write)

9. The party turned out to be a huge . (disappoint)

10. , there is a high rate of unemployment in our country. (fortune)