Shopping for clothes

Ruhavásárlós párbeszéd angolul - ötletek a szóbelire

Shop Assistant: Good morning. How may I help you?

Customer: Good morning. I am looking for a pair of jeans. I've tried so many shops today, and none of them had the right jeans.

- I see, and I'm sure we can help you. What colour do you prefer?

- Well, I like dark blue or plain black jeans. Do you have any of those? You know, I spend a lot of time in formal events, so dark jeans are always handy.

- Sure, we do. I'd just like to know your size.

- Actually, I mostly wear medium jeans, and sometimes small ones. It depends on the style of the jeans. If it's a regular weekday, I like loose jeans, but when there is a little party or something, I wear tighter ones.

- Okay, hold on for a second, please, I'll be right back with your jeans.

- Thank you very much.

- So this is what we've got for you. What do you think?

- Oh, they look just perfect. Can I try them on? Where's the changing room?

- It's right there in the corner. Just take your time and let me know if you need a different size.


- Shop assistant: So do they fit?

- Customer: They fit perfectly and they suit me very well. I'm going to buy them. I've been looking for jeans for so long, I thought I wouldn't find great ones any more.

- That sounds great! Let me wrap them up for you.

- Thank you! How much do I pay?

- That's $99. How would you like to pay? In cash or by credit card?

- I'd like to pay by credit card. Do you accept PayPass?

- Yes, we do. Here are your jeans, and your receipt. Please take good care of it. Make sure you bring them back in case something is wrong, and we'll see what we can do about it.

- Thank you very much. Good bye, have a great day!

-  Bye, you too, take care!

Shop assistant Eladó
Customer Vevő
Formal / Casual events Hivatalos / hétköznapi események
Handy Hasznos
Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large S, M, L, XL
Depend on Valamitől függ
Regular weekday Átlagos hétköznap
Tight Szűk
Hold on Várjon
I'll be right back Rögtön jövök
Try something on Felpróbálni
Changing room Próbafülke
Take your time Csak nyugodtan
Let me know Szóljon
Fit / Suit Jó a  méret / Jó a fazonja, jól áll
Wrap up Becsomagolni
IN cash / BY credit card Készpénzben / Kártyával
Receipt Blokk
Make sure Mindenképpen