The advantages of living in a city:

-cities and bigger towns offer a much wider range of shopping facilities (smaller shops, supermarkets, malls / shopping centers, boutiques, small groceries, etc) - you may do the shopping 24/7 without ever having to worry about opening hours

-there is a well-organized public transport network, which includes buses, underground, trams and trolleys

-you can find all types of educational institutions (primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, vocational schools, technical schools etc)

-there is a wider opportunity to find various entertaining facilities (pubs, discos, restaurants, night-clubs, concert halls, cinemas…) - you can hang out with the people you like and meet new ones

-if you are a sports freak, you may try all the new and traditional sports - martial arts, strength sports, team sports and everything you  can think of will be available

-many people prefer pursuing cultural activities in their sparetime, so city-dwellers have the privilige of being able to attend theatre performances, literary events or visiting museums and art galleries

-you can find all types of healthcare facilities, such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, ambulance, etc - you can get treated hopefully fast in case of an emergency

-a city offers a huge number of other services, such as many types of accommodation, taxi services, fast delivery services, post offices, travel agencies, monetary institutions (banks) etc

-safety organizations are (normally) much better organized including police patrols and safety camera networks

-cities normally offer much better opportunities to find a job (there are much more working facilities)  - this is the key pull-factor and the primary reason of city growth

-big cities are surrounded by commuter belts (commute, commuter) so that cities don't get overpopulated by the people who work there