Newspapers and Magazines

I would like to talk about newspapers and magazines.

First of all, newspapers and magazines are very different. Newspapers are about the news, politics and literature. Magazines are about one specific topic, such as sports, fishing, cars, cooking and fashion. Moreover, newspapers are more about written texts, while magazines have more pictures. Their frequency can range from dailies and weeklies to even monthlies. Magazines are more popular with people who are interested in a topic, while newspapers are preferred by the people who want to know about the world.

Now let me say a few words about quality and tabloid journalism.

Concerning their content, quality newspapers are filled with serious topics, such as politics, fine arts or book reviews. Serious newspapers try to use to finest words of a language and they are focused on the texts. Quality magazines try to use the words mostly used by its target readers, and they have more pictures.

As far as tabloids are concerned, they concentrate on celebrities and shocking events. You can find huge headlines, short words and brief articles. The biggest part of their pages is filled with pictures. Their topics are normally negative or things that make people jealous.

Finally, regarding what is more popular, people have very different reading habits. Unfortunately, tabloids are more popular than quality newspapers. People prefer them because they are easier to read, more visual, and it takes a shorter time to read them. People are more interested in the life of famous people than the news or scientific discoveries.

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