A "BE" létige alakjai jelenben

Egészítsd ki a szöveget a BE angol létige megfelelő alakjaival (jelenben)! Ha kész, kattints az "Ellenőrzés" gombra az ellenőrzéshez. Segítséget is igénybe lehet venni, de az pontot von le, nem lesz 100%-os a teszted!

My name (be) Sam. I (be) seventeen years old. I live
on a farm. It (be) far from the cities. It (be) quiet and beautiful. It (not be) loud in the country.
I wake up early. Sometimes, I wake up before the sun rises. Sometimes, it
(be) still dark when I wake up. But I don’t mind. I like waking up that
early. I like the way the country looks in the morning.
The first thing I do after I wake up is milk the cow. After I (be)
finished milking the cow, I bring the milk to my mom. I think she uses it to make
breakfast. She makes a delicious breakfast. My mom
(be) a really good cook.
Next, I feed the pigs. Once, I asked my mom how come my little sister
doesn’t feed them. She said it is because my sister (be, not) strong
enough. But I still don’t understand. She (be) almost as strong as me! I guess my
mom doesn’t want my sister to get hurt. After all, the pigs can (be) pretty rough, especially
when they (be) hungry.
The last thing I do (be) feed the chickens. That (be)
easy. I just throw some food down on the ground and they run out
and eat it. While the chickens (be) eating, I go into their house to
collect their eggs. Chicken eggs (be) really good to eat. They (be)
easy to cook too. That is what I do in the mornings. I (be) pretty busy.