The benefits of active and passive leisure time:

Why do we need free time activities?

-free time is any period of time in which people can take off their most important duties (school, work, household)

-the most important thing about spare time is to recharge your batteries after a hard day or week

-if you don’t forget about your duties and responsibilities in your free time, you can suffer from stress, develop depression and you can also experience physical symptoms, such as weight loss, hair loss, insomnia, etc.

-we can distinguish between active and passive free time activities

-active activities include sports, outdoor activities, hiking trips, bicycle tours, gardening or even chopping wood – they refresh your mind and body and they are the best choice if you do white-collar jobs

-passive activities include simple relaxation things, like watching TV, going out in the evening or even sleeping, and this is the most suitable for manual workers

take off duties megszabadulni a feladatoktól / kötelességtől
recharge batteries újratölteni az elemeket
responsibility felelősség
suffer from insomnia álmatlanságtól szenvedni
physical symptoms fizikai tünetek
weight loss, hair loss súlyvesztés, hajhullás
distinguish between X and Y különbséget tenni X és Y között
hiking túrázás
white-collar jobs fehérgalléros munkahelyek
manual workers fizikai munkát végző dolgozók