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Families nowadays

These days people often get married around their thirties and have one or two kids

Both parents have to work to make ends meet

Women get more equal opportunities than in the 20th century

Both parents can take well-paid jobs

Life can be more balanced and satisfying

Children are more independent which can turn out to be good in the end

On the other hand, parents can grow distant and eventually get divorced because they are too busy

Children can get into bad companies, start harmful habits and drop out of school

Vocabulary Szókincs
Make ends meet Elég pénzt keresni
Equal opportunities Egyenlő esélyek
Take well-paid jobs Jól fizető munkát vállalni
Balanced Kiegyensúlyozott
Satisfying Kielégítő
Independent Független
Turn out to be good Jól sül el / Jól alakul
Grow distant Eltávolodni
Get divorced Elválni
Bad companies Rossz társaságok
Harmful habits Káros szokások
Drop out of school Iskolából kiesni

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