Rendhagyó igék online teszt

Melyik a helyes válasz?

1) Against overwhelming odds, Alexander the Great _____ (vezetni) his army to victories across the Persian territories in 331 BC.
a) lead
b) led
c) drive
d) drove

2) "The Things They _____(hagyni) Behind" is a short story by Stephen King.
a) live
b) leaf
c) leaves
d) left

3) Can you _______(kölcsönadni) me your pen?
a) barrow
b) lamb
c) lend
d) land

4) Who _______(engedni) the dogs out?
a) break
b) let
c) wish
d) lap

5) It was widely _______ (ismert) that he invented new devices.
a) know
b) knew
c) known
d) knock

6) When I left home I _______ breakfast yet.
a) hadn't
b) had
c) hadn't had
d) had not have.

7) I haven't _____ (hallani) about him recently.
a) heard
b) hear
c) heared
d) here

8) Add freshly _______ (őrölt) black pepper to taste.
a) grew
b) grow
c) grind
d) ground