Tell me about your best holiday memory!

Példa angol párbeszédre szóbeli vizsgákhoz

- Hey how have you been?

- I'm doing all right, what about yourself?

- I'm okay too, thanks. So I just heard you've been on holiday lately. I'd love to know all about it!

- Well, me and my family travelled to Italy for a week. I had been very excited about it for about two weeks before we left. We travelled by car, which was a bit boring and my daddy drove, so he felt even more exhausted by the time we got there. But it was worth the 12-hour drive.

- Wow, 12 hours is a long time. Tell me about the accomodation!

- Sure, it was a mid-range hotel, it was really cheap and we booked it back in January. I had my own room, with a king-sized bed, a huge TV and a beautiful balcony. Breakfast and dinner was included in the price and the staff was very kind. Actually, I felt sad to say goodbye to all those people when we left.

- I'm so jealous! And what about the place where you stayed?

- Actually, it was a really small seaside village, but it was breathtaking. Those little houses had such a special atmosphere and the beach was only a 5-minute walk from the hotel. The water was perfect and we didn't see any jellyfish, so I spent some 10 hours a day in the sea.

- Come on, I'm green with envy. And how was the stay there?

- I had the time of my life. Literally, I slept till 9 am, then had breakfast, then left for the beach, where I swam and sunbathed all day long. We only went back to the hotel for dinner. I met a lot of great people on the beach, we played a lot and I could also practise my English. We didn't go on trips, because we felt the right thing to do was to stay close to the water. You know, it was boiling hot every day.

- Yeah, it was the same over here too. I'm sure you had tons of great food!

- That was the second best part of it! I ate loads of local food, I'm sure the traditional Italian cuisine is the best of its kind. They use lots of olives and fresh tomatoes so it was a dream come true.

- Well, I don't want to be negative, but was there anything you disliked?

- To be honest, the restaurants were too expensive and it took forever to get our meals. But this was just a minor issue, I enjoyed every single second of our stay and I can't wait to be back there.

Exhausted Kimerült
Worth Megéri
Mid-range Közepes
King-sized bed Franciaágy
Included in the price Benne van az árban
Jealous Irigy
Breathtaking Lélegzetelállító
Jellyfish Medúza
Green with envy Sárga az irigységtől
I had the time of my life Életem legjobb élménye volt
Literally Szó szerint
Sunbathe Napozni
Cuisine Valamilyen nemzet konyhája
Take forever Nagyon lassú valami
Minor issue Kisebb probléma