Napirendes angol teszt ingyen

Egészítsd ki a hiányos mondatokat! Írd be az egész mondatrészt, vagy csak a betűjelét! Ha kész, kattints az "Ellenőrzés" gombra az ellenőrzéshez. Segítséget is igénybe lehet venni, de az pontot von le, nem lehet a teszted 100 % !

I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning but I normally . I never wake up before the alarm clock goes off. I go straight to the and comb my hair. Then I head for the kitchen . I get dressed and get ready to go to school. I feed my pets and make my bed, because my parents can get angry when I forget about these.

I travel to school on foot/by bicycle/by bus/by train/by car and it takes me XY minutes/hours to get there. Usually I have 7 classes a day and I always pay attention to what the teacher is saying. During the breaks and after school and have a little snack to eat. When I finish school for the day, I always try to do some sports and then I arrive home at about 6 pm.

First I get down to my homework and when I’m done I play some video games, read some books or talk to my family. Then the most important part of the evening comes, which is dinner. I chat with my friends on the internet, . Then I watch a little more TV and I go to bed at around 10 pm. Oh and before I forget! I always try to pack my backpack for the next day, but I keep forgetting it, so I also have to find the time to do that in the morning!

A, I use social networking sites to do that
B, I hang out with my friends
C, and have a nice breakfast
D, stay in bed for a couple of minutes until I get up
E, bathroom and brush my teeth