Mit ne együnk? Egészséges életmód - angol témakörök szóbelihez

What shouldn’t we eat and drink and why not?

We ought to eat as much fresh food as possible. Nothing compares to homemade food: it is more delicious and has a better nutritional value. So, it means that we shouldn’t eat ready made foods and junk foods. Ready made foods are considered more practical: they may be cheaper, they take less time to make and they are easier to clean up. But they have a low nutritional value and a lot of unhealthy ingredients which can damage your health. So, instead of buying ready-made french-fries, you should make your own homemade fries, using real potatoes, and so on. Junk food is also a disaster for your health. Hamburgers, hotdogs and even fast food salads only look delicious. As a matter of fact, these foods contain so many additives that they do more harm than good. 

They damage your liver and your heart because of their high sugar, fat and salt content. They make you feel well-fed, but the truth is that their nutritional value is close to zero, and they can cause obesity. They also expose you to the danger of diabetes, not to mention the fact that you become so comfortable that you will start neglecting cooking in general.  Sodas and other sweet drinks are as harmful as ready made or junk foods. They increase thirst and ruin your whole body. They may contain too much sugar or caffeine, and damage your heart and your liver.