My favourite season / The Climate of Hungary

Hungary has continental climate. The reason for this is that there is no sea in or around the country. We have four seasons, and normally they are not alike. The four seasons are winter, spring, summer and autumn (FALL).

Winter is normally cold. It can be snowy, windy, icy, rainy and sometimes even foggy. In December and January it can also be freezing. The period of daylight is the shortest in winter.

The autumn or fall is the happiest season for a lot of people. The weather slowly starts turning cold. The days are getting shorter and the mornings are especially chilly. September can be very hot, but it can change overnight. It can be extremely foggy, rainy, icy, freezing, windy and even stormy. People really like taking long walks in winter, because the streets and parks look very special.

The summer is the hottest season. In normal conditions, it is dry, and sometimes rainy and humid. The weather can be sunny, dry, wet, rainy, stormy and sometimes the heat is unbearable.

Now let me tell you about my favourite season which is spring. It’s warmer than the winter. The weather is very changeable and unpredictable. The types of weather range from windy, sunny, warm, cold, rainy, humid, freezing, stormy and sometimes even snowy.

I like this season very much because I was born in spring. And  the weather also gets which is great because I don’t like cold weather. Nature is waking from its winter sleep and that looks very beautiful. The sun shines more and more and we can switch from winter clothes to lighter clothing. When the weather gets very good, I always sunbathe because my skin gets tanned very easily. I like going hiking, cycling and running in spring, because the temperature is just ideal for these activities, and much better than in the summer, when it can be too hot and humid. I also often go for a swim and I do outdoor activities. I visit open-air entertainment facilities with my friends and my family.

Finally, what I don’t like about spring is that this time flowers bloom and I am allergic to the pollens they produce, so I have a very hard time in spring, because I can’t normally breathe. As I said earlier, spring is also very unpredictable, so one day it’s sunny, and the next day everything might be covered in snow. Bugs and insects also return in spring. The changeability and unpredictability of the weather make people depressed, impatient or angry. People often get sick, because they get dressed like in the summer.