Seeing the doctor

Being diagnosed with the flu

- Good morning, Doctor!

- Good morning! Long time no see! So what brings you here? What seems to be the problem?

- Well, I have been feeling unwell lately. I have a sore throat and I cough and sneeze around the clock.

- I see. Do you have any other symptoms?

- Sure, I do. I have a headache and all my muscles hurt. I lost my appetite and I feel so weak I can't even sit.

- Let me do a few examinations. I am going to listen to your lungs, see your throat and check your temperature.

- So what do you think, Doctor?

- Based on what you have said and what I have seen, I am sure you have caught the flu. There is an epidemic these days, a lot of people get sick.

- That is quite bad news. So what can I do about it? How serious is it?

- Well, it's not that bad yet. I am going to prescribe some antibiotics for you. You can get it at the pharmacy and you have to take it three times a day. You must stay in bed for a week and drink as much water or tea as you can. Make sure you eat plenty of light food and air your room frequently.

- Thank you very much. Is that all, or do I need to know anything else?

- That's it for now. I would like you to check back here next Friday to see if you have recovered. Please do everyting as I told you, because this illness can get nasty if you are impatient.

- Thank you once again. I appreciate all the advice you gave. See you next week, good bye!

- Good bye, take care.

Long time no see Rég láttam.
What brings you here? Mi szél hozza?
Feel unwell Rosszul érzem magam.
Sore throat Torokfájás
Cough and sneeze around the clock Folyamatosan köhögök és tüsszögök
Symptom Tünet
Appetite Étvágy
Do examinations Megvizsgálni
Listen to your lungs Tüdőt meghallgatni
Catch the flu Elkapni az influenzát
Epidemic Járvány
Prescribe antibiotics Antibiotikumot felírni
Pharmacy (the chemist's, drug store) Gyógyszertár
Air the room Szellőztetni
Recover Meggyógyulni