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Read the following text about Money-Saving Travel Tips. Some parts of the sentences have been removed. Your task is to match the numbers with the correct letters. There is an extra letter you do not need. Write the letters in the white boxes.

Money-Saving Travel Tips

Each day, airlines charge different rates for the same seat. So how do you find the best prices? Here are some tips:

• Avoid travelling around the holidays. Most airlines have busy days around popular holidays, (1) .
• Sign up for fare special e-mails. Check Web sites of airlines so as to keep informed about fares. When airlines get into a fare war, the cost of a plane ticket can fall quickly (2) .
• Buy your tickets at least 21 days in advance. There are usually four different timetables for advance purchase: 21-day, 14-day, 7-day, and 3-day. The further in advance you book your flight, (3) .
• Stay over a Saturday night. If you plan to leave for your trip on a Wednesday and return on Saturday, your fare could be considerably higher (4) .
• Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Some airlines offer cheaper fares on specific days of the week. Generally, (5) . Remember, though, that a Saturday stay is necessary to get the lowest price.
• Pick a flight with plenty of open seats. Seats in a flight are divided into "classes," and each class has its own price. Since the cheapest classes sell first, the fewer seats that are left on a plane, (6) .


• Book in advance. The cheapest hotel rates can go quickly, (7) .
• Consider staying in a business district. Since business travellers aren't around during the weekend, hotels in business districts have plenty of available rooms on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and usually offer discounted rates.

A the lower the fare you're likely to find
B it may cost less ultimately to book it for a full week
C when fares are more expensive
D the more expensive they are
E it's cheapest to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
F than if you extended your trip to Sunday morning
G and the discounted fare may be sold out by the next day
H so book your room at the same time as you make your travel plans

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