The benefits of active and passive leisure time:


-you can keep in a good shape

-you can transform stress into physical movement to build muscles and improve your stamina

-these activities are extremely beneficial for your blood pressure, heart and many other things which are damaged by stress

-you can let off steam by having lots of fun, for example by doing team sports or playing music in a band

-you can learn many new skills if you go on outdoor adventures

-active free time activities offer the best opportunity to break away from work or school


-if you spend enough time sleeping, you give your body the chance to recover completely

-many people can only switch off their minds if they lie in their beds and watch films or listen to music

-manual workers especially need more passive leisure time

-stressed people use breathing techniques to calm down

-watching films together helps building strong communities

-playing card games, board games, foosball, poker or snooker are very good ways of having fun or even making new friends

keep in a good shape formában maradni
transform stress into levezetni (átalakítani) a stresszt valamivel
build muscle izmot építeni
improve stamina állóképességet fejleszteni
let off steam kiengedni a gőzt
break away from something elszakadni valamitől
recover felépülni
switch off your minds kikapcsolni az agyad
breathing techniques légzési technikák
strong communities erős közösségek