7 words and their formations to express positive feelings

7 phrasal verbs to express positive attitude

Bring off - when you manage to do something after trying and failing many times:

The national football did not qualify for years for the cup, however this year they brought it off.

Do up - renovate something

We are doing up our bedroom finally, it is going to look great!

Grow on - when you start to like something

I used to hate reading, but now it is growing on me.

Hit it off - getting on well with someone

My wife is really hitting it off with my friends, I like it!

Live up to - reach standards

Their new album lives up to my expectations.

Pick up - change for the better

I never understood maths, but I think now I am picking up.

Sort out - solve a problem

He has managed to sort out his drinking problems, and now he's feeling better than ever before.

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