Steroids (performance enhancement drugs) part 1 - "PROS"

Performance enhancement has been going hand in hand with sports for quite a long time. This can take up various forms, ranging from harmless caffeine pills to the much-debated steroid use or doping, as it is commonly called. Steroids are synthetic substances, the artificial version of male-hormones, mostly testosterone. If your body has a high testosterone level, you are bound to be stronger, faster and even bigger than non-users. You can train for longer hours, and as your body recovers twice as fast from the workout, you can repeat the training more frequently, making you even better.

We all know, that taking performance-enhancement drugs has been forbidden in all olympic sports, and it is also not a big surprise that sooner or later these drugs are very likely to take an extreme toll on your body. Yet, crazy as it sounds, there are still millions of supporters, who take a stand for PEDs. Let's see their arguments in favour of doping. Let us get one thing straight: we are only summarising what steroid-supporters claim. The author of this article is strongly opposed to these substances, as he has seen a lot of people suffer badly during or after a cycle.


-although many of these substances are said to have side effects, sportspeople should be free to take health risks to achieve their goals

-prohibiting steroids is like prohibiting coaching and training – supporters think it can be a part of preparation for a competition

-supporters claim that these materials serve to improve the human body – people do have the right to develop their bodies

-competitive athletes are put under enormous pressure (they have to live up to huge expectations) and they take these pills to do their best and remain competitive

-drug testing at official sports competitions only serve to threaten and demotivate competitors

-prohibition of doping materials only creates a bigger desire for the pills – legalization may reduce this desire

-doping laws are unfair: taking in certain pills is forbidden, but stuffing yourself with loads of steaks is legal

-due to the perfect-looking role models in the media, teenagers have a very low self-esteem, and steroid use can help them overcome these anxieties

-sports fans aren’t disappointed when they realize their favorite athletes have been using steroids – they feel even happier because of the better results

-sportspeople’s legacy shouldn’t be undermined by the fact that they used performance enhancement drugs

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