The disadvantages of living in a city:

-it is very noisy and there is very high air pollution, which can lead to asthmatic illnesses and allergies

-urban life is way more expensive than living in the country, as people are too much lured by the possibility of various forms of entertainment, all of which cost money

-there is very heavy traffic, and during the morning and afternoon rush hours there can be serious traffic jams and congestions

-streets, shops, means of public transport and entertaining facilities can be very crowded - overcrowding is a significant problem in cities as people try to give up their rural lifestyle and squeeze themselves into more metropolitan areas

-because more people live or stay in a city, there is a bigger chance of crimes and there are much more criminals – safety can be very poor (armed robbery, thieves / theft, kidnappers, pickpockets, shoplifters, murders and murderers and lately acts of terrorism)

-very often you have to live in a flat / apartment and that can involve a number of problems – you can overhear your neighbors and your neighbours can overhear you /there is no privacy/

-living in a flat involves missing out on having a garden where you could raise animals and grow fruit or vetegables

-life is more stressful, much faster, people are always in a hurry, there are much more illnesses, people are impatient, violent and life is more impersonal - the fast pace of life only allows you to rush from one place to another without ever getting the chance to take a look around yourself or talk to people you run into on the way

-despite the large selection of recreational facilities, many residents are tempted into the couch-potato lifestyle, so the resulting health problems are very common

-city people are often accused of not being able to put their smartphones down and doing things only so they can post photos and statements about it on social media - it is just a matter of perspectives