Team sports in a nutshell

-a team sport is any kind of a sport which is done by at least two people who work as a team

-the people who are involved have to cooperate

-if you do a team sport you have to communicate with your teammates

-the team has a bigger chance to win if they communicate well

-a job is assigned to each team member – it is easier to achieve victory because everything is divided between the members

-these sports help to build your ability to work as a team

-in a team sport you can build and develop your leadership skills (such as captain in football) – it is also very beneficial if you work for any kind of company, because this way you can be promoted to higher positions

-in a team you also have to learn to obey, which can prevent conflicts with work superiors

-speaking of psychology, team sports are more exciting, because they bring back memories of childhood playing

-people enjoy playing with friends rather than be alone

-it can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence

-you can let off steam and be calm this way

-it gives you a sense of achievement

-it can also give you a sense of defeat BUT it can teach you how to overcome this feeling and try harder

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